The KeySafe® and ProxerSafe® key- and value storage system

The KeySafe System is an intelligent key management and storage system, which is for safekeeping, automated management of keys of buildings, cars and other valuables. The system combines key cabinets, cabinets with storage boxes, compartments and the management software, that can be connected to the ProxerNet building automation IP network and able to work with other systems.


The KeySafe® is a smart safety key-store cabinet, which allows a high safety key management with personal proximity card, PIN code, NFC or optional with fingerprint reader identification. The cabinet locks each key one by one in the slots and lets nobody to take away any of the keys, unless the person has permission to up them. It is possible to connect it to a computer network and to check remotely who and when took which key and for how long time. It can be integrated into a building management system as well.



  • Intelligent, secure storage with proximity card, PIN code, and/or optional fingerprint opening
  • The cabinet can be opened only with authorized ID, access is fully monitorable
  • Can be connected to a PC via Ethernet - Wi-Fi option, for management, reports, logs
  • Multiple cabinet key management, systemic management of the connected devices to the Ethernet Network
  • Recordable data: person, time, keys
  • Define access rights to users individually,  can be given and withdrawn by keys, via Internet also
  • Online-offline communication: automatic or mixed mode communications (itself is also workable – can be programmed through    
  • the integrated touchscreen industrial PC and/or with the ProxerNet software on the remote network.)
  • Management software of ProxerNet, which can cooperating with the other modules (e.g. access control, time-attendance, etc. 


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KeySafe Lock - intelligent, safety key cabinet, with RFID-NFC or biometric identification - 171124 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Box Rack intelligent safety value storage cabinets - with combinable box and key holder modules, in Rack system - 100711 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe-KeySafe Security DEMO cabinet with key holder plugs and distinct sized drawers and boxes - 141889 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Box 6 Mini PSB-6BMini-FN-EM-E-P-T-UPS intelligens, falitábla jellegű kulcsszekrény - 107226 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Box PSB-XXL-16-FN-EM-Bio-E-G-P-UPS value storage cabinet with 16 boxes and fingerprint reader - 150199 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Box Rack PSBR-12-M Rack module with 12 boxes (W118xH83xD250) with separate doors - 100722 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
Okos kulcsdoboz távoli vezérelhetőséggel, kulcstároló lakat, Smart Keybox Igloohome, Bluetooth

- 390392 Igloohome 89 000 Ft+vat Orderable
Okos kulcsdoboz távoli vezérelhetőséggel, kulcstároló lakat, Smart Keybox2 Igloohome, Bluetooth

- 390394 Igloohome 89 000 Ft+vat In stock
Keybox 12 intelligent safety keycabinet for 12 keys with RFID reader, Ethernet

- 148021 Procontrol 129 000 Ft+vat Orderable
ProxerSafe Smart 8 FN-FF-EWi-G-UPS economic, indoor keycabinet - 100707 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Smart 16-EM-FN-E-T-UPS beltéri dugós kulcstároló, érintőképernyős, offline, teli fémajtó - 100705 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Smart PSS16- FF-E-G-UPS indoor safety key cabinet with touchscreen operated built-in computer - 100704 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Smart-PSS24-FN-E -T-UPS indoor key cabinet, touch screen, full door - 100732 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
KeySafe Lock 16-FN safety key locker for 16pcs mechanically locked keys - 171210 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
KeySafe Lock 24 FN-FF-E-P-T-UPS-V15 Intelligens kulcsszekrény, teli fémajtóval,beltéri, 1712 - 141883 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
KeySafe Lock 32-FN-FF-E-P-G-UPS intelligens kulcsszekrény 32 kulcsnak, beltéri - 142232 Procontrol Request an Offer In stock
ProxerSafe-32K-5DR-FN-FF-EWi-P-G-UPS combined intelligent key cabinet with drawers - 142127 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Box 48 Tower intelligent value storage cabinet - 100746 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Box Rack 8S - intelligent value storage cabinet with 8 S-sized boxes - 107214 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Box intelligent charger, value storage cabinet with boxes, PSB-60-G - 100743 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable

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