ProxerSafe Combo 16K-8BS-4B2S-2B4S intelligent safety cabinet with 16 RFID key holder plug and 8+4+2 boxes with metal doors

Intelligent safety key and value storage cabinet

Brief description

The ProxerSafe Combo is a professional, combined cabinet with key holder plugs and boxes in a powder coated steel housing in RAL7035 colour. Cabinet is equipped with built-in, touchscreen operated industrial computer, RFID reader, uninterrupted power supply and Ethernet interface. It can be used in online and offline mode.
Number of key plugs may vary by 8 (there are 16 plugs in one row; half row can be uploaded), the number and size of the boxes can be varied widely.
The ProxerSafe Combo cabinets are for keeping documents, keys, key boxes, mobile devices, tools and instruments, or even laptops and radios safe in a monitored and authorized way. The key holder plugs are identified one by one using RFID technology, thus they can be authorized and logged individually. Chargers can be built into the boxes, so mobile devices, radio devices can be charged while safe keeping.


  • RFID (card, tag, NFC-enabled smartphone), PIN, optionally biometric identification to open the boxes
  • Access rights can be granted and revoked by keys, boxes and users, even remotely
  • Automatically locking, numbered key plugs; numbered boxes, access rights shown by leds
  • Uniquely identified key holder plugs (with RFID technology)
  • Online-offline communication: cabinet can work in stand-alone operation mode via the built-in, touchscreen operated industrial computer and/or remotely with the help of the ProxerNet software or ProxerSafe Web Access. Checking logs and management are possible in either stand-alone or online mode, though at distinct degree.
  • Management software and interface are available in Swedish, Finnish, Arabic languages besides Hungarian and English. It can be translated into further languages
  • Logs: who opened which box, took and returned which key and when
  • Rights can be granted for a period of time.
  • It can be integrated into rack-cabinet as per demand
  • More cabinets can be used in one system
  • Key reservation and key search function
  • Expandable by modules. Capacity can be determined by 8 and 16 key holder plugs and in box modules
  • Steel housing, indoor design, powder coated in RAL7035 colour. Outdoor, brushed stainless steel cabinet, IP65 protection, vandal-proof design can be ordered, or integration into qualified safe.


Metal box doors
Metal framed box doors with sight glasses
Transparent box doors


  • Client’s existing RFID cards can be used, or reader can be integrated (further checking needed).
  • WiFi
  • Vandal-proof, crimpable keyring
  • SMS alert on keys not returned in time; email notifications
  • Breathalyzer – vehicle keys can be taken only after negative test results
  • Integration with alarm and fire alarm systems; integration with access control system: colleagues may leave after taking the keys back
  • Outer door can be metal, safety glass, or design without door can be chosen
  • Semi-outdoor design, placed under rain roof
  • More cabinets can be put connected to a single data cable; the system can be extended
  • Charger: charging mobiles devices while in the box, integrated USB charger or 230V socket
  • Infrared optics for engaged signalling
  • Integrated scale for engaged signalling
  • Integrated scale for precision weigh measurement (+-0,01g)
  • Cabinet capacity according to unique needs (in box size, box number and key plug number)
  • It can be integrated into 19” rack tower and qualified safe

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