IPSPO60W outdoor horn speaker max. 60 Watt 400x200x385mm 3,3kg

Network speaker solution. Ethernet speaker family, streamable through Internet

Brief description

This device enables you to send voice messages through the unlimited distances of the Internet. The IPSpeaker is a speaker that can be managed to play sound via Ethernet. The computer-controlled speaker can be connected to Internet or local IP network. The IPSpeaker DEMO software attached allows individual sound tracks (mp3 file) to play. The device accepts MP3 stream (via UDP protocol) so you can send sound to speakers with any Windows-based program, which is able to do so.


  • Systems allowing distribution of audio over IP networks.
  • Playing MP3 sound tracks throught the Ethernet
  • Communicating via UDP protocol
  • Flexibly adjustable parameters, and IP address
  • All settings can be adjusted remotely from the network
  • Internal factory bios program can be replaced through the network, without disassembling the hardware
  • Optional built-in amplifier type


60W maximum power
Dimensions: 400x200x385mm
Due to the weatherproof ABS housings the speakers can be used outdoors as well (protective class IP 66).
Input voltage: 230VAC 50Hz


  • IPMIC-200: bemondó mikrofonállomás Real Time hangbemondásra, előre definiált IP Speaker hangszórócsoportok broadcast meghajtására, beállítható prioritással, IP végpontra csatlakoztatható, line bemenettel. Funkciójának alapszintű ellátásához nem szükséges sem számítógép sem szoftverek.


Product Code: 140357