Proxer60-LF-FN-E smart access control and time-attendance terminal, with all-reader and touch screen

Brief description

Proxer 60 is a wall-mounted access control and worktime/ attendance terminal with touch screen, smooth lines and clear design. It reads RFID proximity transponders, like cards, bracelets, key fobs and tags, checks access rights and controls door.
It ensures a complete time and attendance solution with a slave Proxer 8 reader, integrated into access control and worktime systems.

Card reader terminal is fixed at a central location where employees can register easily at entering the premise and at leaving it.
Identification works with RFID proximity cards or tags; title of classification can be entered at leaving, e.g. lunch, day off, delegation.
The terminal is also able to manage an access gate or door.
The system logs who and when arrived and left; the ProxerNet software calculates the time spent in.

Data is queried, handled, processed and exported by the optional ProxerNet software, which is available in English as well.

The housing is a 80 x 164 x 25 mm sized clear lined, black ABS case with brushed steel plate and black safety glass sheet. Behind the glass sheet there is a graphic, 4,3” coloured touch screen with 77.000 points.

The Proxer 60 is an access control and worktime terminal with a built-in RFID proximity card reader, multi coloured led light and sounder. Its RFID reader can be programmed to read almost all card types, be it 125 kHz or 13,56 MHz. The Proxer 60 terminal can be directly connected to PC or TCP/IP network via Ethernet 10/100 Mb, IEEE PoE interface, RS485 or USB interface.
The event logs are stored in the terminals non-volatile memory up to 233.472 movement data and entitled remote PC can query the logs at arbitrary frequency.
Only a person with an entitled RFID proximity card may open the door. They hold their card to the terminal, the LED turns green, the sounder beeps, the lock opens, and the system logs the movement data. (The sounder may be turned off.)


  • Smart functions: for movement data labeling 6 + Xdb buttons available on the touchscreen: Paid leave, Sick Leave, Delegacy, Lunch, Private leave, Official leave (Also available with custom labels.)
  • Photos of the employee can be presented after identification, beside his/her name and clocking data
  • Customizable touch screen (eg. customer's company logo on welcome screen, custom buttons)
  • RFID card reader for the given card type (“Allreader”)
  • Only the authorized cards may open the door
  • Expandable with Proxer 8 reader for controlling access form the other side of the door too
  • If one loose a card, at online operation cards can be immediately disabled in ProxerNet software
  • Able to store up to 233.472 movement data and 8192 authentication records
  • Interface: Ethernet IEEE 802.3 af PoE, optionally RS485/RS422 (max. 128 terminals in one string), USB port, Wi-Fi
  • Door relay, door sensor, exit button output, fire input
  • 4,3” coloured touch screen with 77.000 points
  • Indoor, optionally outdoor housing
  • Mechanical size: 80 x 164 x 25 mm


According to RFID standard
o LF (low frequency, 125/134kHz) types (e.g. eMarine, HID ProxCard II, Indala, Indala Kantech, TI RFID (Tiris), HITAG 2)
o HF (high frequency, 13.56MHz) types (e.g. Mifare, Texas Instruments, HID iClass, Legic Advant)
o FF All-reader version: (full frequency) reading LF and HF transponders too

According to interface and output
o Ethernet
o Wi-Fi
o RS485


  • Base model is the standing, vertical version. Optionally horizontal version is available (type: Proxer60W)
  • Can be connected to elevator panel, used for elevator/ lift access control
  • The product is under continuous development, certain smart functions may be available later in 2019.
  • Random alcohol test, body search, security control function can be requested

Technical drawings

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