GWInstek GDM-357 digital multimeter

Brief description

The GDM-300/400 Series Hand Held DMM are a compact, high precision, battery operated multimeter series designed to meet most of the daily needs for design engineers as well as service engineers. The GDM-300/400 series design is driven by mobile-oriented features, such as automatic power down to preserve battery life, a large backlight display for crisp viewing, a rotary selector switch and clear-cut push buttons to ease operation. The basic functions match the depth of bench-top multimeters: fuse-protected current input, true RMS for accurate AC measurements, Auto ranging, Duty cycle, and Relative mode. These compact, reliable, and economical devices are ideal for any engineer.


  • Models GDM-452/357/350B:
  • 4 1/2 Digits 19999 counts (GDM-452)
  • 3 1/2 Digits 1999 counts (GDM-357/350B)
  • Manual Ranging
  • Continuity Beeper/Diode Test
  • Data Hold
  • hFE Test (Only GDM-350B)
  • Temperature Measurement (Except GDM-452)
  • Capacitance (Except GDM-350B)
  • Frequency Measurement (Only GDM-452)
  • (GDM-461/397/360/398)
  • 22000 Counts Auto/Manual Ranging (GDM-461)
  • 4000 Counts Auto/Manual Ranging (GDM-397/398)
  • 6000 Counts Auto/Manual Ranging (GDM-360)
  • Capacitance, Frequency Measurement
  • Continuity Beeper/Diode Test
  • High Energy Fuse for 10A Range
  • Data Hold/Relative Mode
  • * True RMS (GDM-461/360)
  • * RS232C (GDM-461/397/360)


GDM-461: 22000 Counts Hand-Held DMM with True RMS Measurement and RS-232C Interface

GDM-452: 4 1/2 Digits hand-Held DMM

GDM-397: 3 3/4 Digits Hand-Held DMM with RS-232C Interface

GDM-360: 6000 counts Hand-Held DMM with True RMS Measurement and RS-232C Interface

GDM-398: 3 3/4 Digits Hand-Held DMM

GDM-357: 3 1/2 Digits Hand-Held DMM

GDM-350B: 3 1/2 Digits Hand-Held DMM

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