Proxer8-LF-4 proximity card reader, 125kHz,134kHz EM, Hitag, Tiris, Indala, ProxCardII, wall-mounted, RS485

Brief description

Proxer 8 is a wall-mounted proximity card reader with smooth lines and clear design. It reads RFID proximity transponders, like cards, bracelets, key fobs and tags, and forwards the information to the controller.
It can be integrated into access control and worktime systems with UniGate 2040 controller or as auxiliary reader to Proxer 30 and Proxer 60 a complete time and attendance solution with an auxiliary Proxer 8 reader
The Proxer 8 has a built-in RFID proximity card reader, multi coloured led light and sounder. Its RFID reader can be programmed to read almost all card types, be it 125 kHz or 13,56 MHz.
The housing is an 80 x 90 x 25 mm sized black ABS case with brushed steel plate and black safety glass sheet in clear design.


  • RFID card reader for the given card type - This one is an LF (125 kHz) type reader
  • Can be integrated with UniGate 2040 controller or Proxer 30 and Proxer64 terminals
  • At online operation cards can be immediately disabled in ProxerNet software
  • Interface: Po RS485/RS422 (max. 128 terminals in one string), optionally USB port, Ethernet IEEE 802.3af PoE
  • Indoor, optionally outdoor housing
  • Environmental temperature: -25 - +50 C?
  • Relative humidity: max. 80%
  • Mechanical size: 80 x 90 x 25 mm


According to RFID standard
o LF (low frequency, 125/134kHz) types (e.g. eMarine, HID ProxCard II, Indala, Indala Kantech, TI RFID (Tiris), HITAG 2)
o HF (high frequency, 13.56MHz) types (e.g. Mifare, Texas Instruments, HID iClass, Legic Advant)
o FF (full frequency) reading LF and HF transponders too
According to interface and output
o RS485
o Wiegand (Proxer64 HF-W Wiegand

Technical drawings

Méretezett rajz

Méretezett rajz

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