Proxer30-HF-E access control, time attendance terminal, HF proximity reader, Ethernet 1807-16_R4


Proxer 30 is a wall-mounted access control and worktime/ attendance terminal with smooth lines and clear design. It reads RFID proximity transponders, like cards, bracelets, key fobs and tags, checks access rights and controls door.
It ensures a complete worktime and attendance solution with an auxiliary Proxer 8 reader, integrated into access control and worktime systems.
The Proxer 30 is an access control and worktime terminal with a built-in RFID proximity card reader, multi coloured led light and sounder. Its RFID reader can be programmed to read almost all card types, be it 125 kHz or 13,56 MHz. The Proxer 30 terminal can be directly connected to PC or TCP/IP network via Ethernet 10/100 Mb, IEEE PoE interface, RS485 or USB interface.
The event logs are stored in the terminals non-volatile memory up to 20.000 movement data and entitled remote PC can query the logs at arbitrary frequency.
Only a person with an entitled RFID proximity card may open the door. They hold their card to the terminal, the LED turns green, the sounder beeps, the lock opens, and the system logs the movement data. (The sounder may be turned off.)


  • RFID card reader for the given card type (“Allreader”)
  • Only the authorized cards may open the door
  • Expandable with Proxer 8 reader for controlling access form the other side of the door too
  • At online operation cards can be immediately disabled in ProxerNet software
  • Able to store up to 20.000 movement data and 5120 authentication records
  • Interface: Po RS485/RS422 (max. 128 terminals in one string), optionally USB port, Ethernet IEEE 802.3af PoE
  • Power consumption: max. 3VA from data cable
  • Indoor, optionally outdoor housing
  • Environmental temperature: -25 - +50 C?
  • Relative humidity: max. 80%
  • Mechanical size: 80 x 90 x 25 mm


According to RFID standard
o LF (low frequency, 125/134kHz) types (e.g. eMarine, HID ProxCard II, Indala, Indala Kantech, TI RFID (Tiris), HITAG 2)
o HF (high frequency, 13.56MHz) types (e.g. Mifare, Texas Instruments, HID iClass, Legic Advant)
o FF (full frequency) reading LF and HF transponders too
According to interface and output
o Ethernet
o Wi-Fi
o RS485
o Wiegand (Proxer64 HF-W Wiegand)


  • access control, door opening
  • worktime and attendance (time clock function)
  • access and usage authorization on vending machines

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