ProxerNet Building Management Software - Access Control Module

For strict and traceable access control with authorization per person, group and period of time


The ProxerNet is an advanced, modular, smart building management system, developed by Procontrol Ltd., for your company’s access control and visitor management, authority management, time and attendance management, parking lot management and pay parking, key and value storage system, Smart Building Automation Systems (BAS), HVAC control, Wellness Control, queue management and ticketing, Real Time Location System (RTLS), conference control and even production and workflow management.
Procontrol provides compatible data storage devices building the complex automation solution.

ProxerNet Access Control module manages the access/ entry points, turnstiles, access gates, gates for persons with physical disability and card collectors, which can be used with RFID proximity cards, biometric authentication (like fingerprint), mobile-based technologies, or even with bar codes, QR codes, magnet strip cards or chip cards.

The main functions of all access control systems are the intrusion protection and the authorization management.
In ProxerNet Access Control Module the access rights of employees can be set by door or access point; they can open the gates with authorized card only.
Software registers entry and exit data, who and when opened the given door.


  • Customized security system as part of the access control system
  • Able to manage integrated system with already existing tools and devices
  • Extendable (according to licence)
  • Easy-to-use, flexible, multilingual user interface
  • MS SQL database
  • Remote management via Internet
  • Available as cloud service
  • Receives data from readers and defines access rights
  • Signs and records unauthorized access attempts
  • Immediate, real time data from all movements, events
  • Event follow up, requesting data by person or gate
  • By using ProxerNet Web module there is a possibility to edit events on a web interface
  • Handling and managing personal and work-related data of employees, users, such as name, contact data, phone number, position, department, company, site, manager, licence plate number
  • Handling data of entry cards (issuing, withdrawing, disabling, exchanging)
  • Adding further identifiers, numbers, comments to employee records
  • Automatic export of data to worktime and attendance module, then to payroll software
  • Data export to PDF, HTML, XLS, TXT, CSV formats
  • Gates integrated into the access control system has ÉMI Fire Protection certificates (ÉMI Non-Profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building (ÉMI Non-profit Llc.))
  • ProxerNet system, access terminals and gates have high security level recommendations from the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies (MABISZ)


  • Connection to other ProxerNet modules
  • Can be requested as cloud service
  • Photo recording at persons
  • Fingerprint sample (at biometric identification)
  • Multiple cards can be issued per user with different rights if needed
  • Connection to payroll systems
  • Connection to integrated management systems
  • Integration of existing readers – development needed


  • Time sections, periods can be set – in which timeframe may a person pass a given gate
  • Flexible management of access rights (per person or group)
  • Management of entry and exit rights, even according to timetable (can be connected to electronic class register of schools)
  • Data export (saving any report, filter) to PDF, HTML, XLS, TXT, CSV formats
  • Automatic data export to worktime and attendance module, then to payroll software
  • Anti-passback handling
  • Handling body search signals (frequency can be given per user)
  • Employees’ mobile numbers can be used for entry (open gate by calling a given number, event logging, worktime and attendance logs)
  • Access rights per work schedules
  • The type of access points can be set (entry or attendance), so the time when the employee arrived at the premise and the time when their shift started can be distinguished. (Extra service feature to the Worktime module)
  • Access points can be specified, like entering smoking room means start of break time (Extra service feature to the Worktime module)
  • Immediate disabling of lost cards, even remotely
  • Personalization and printing of access cards
  • Unlimited number of proximity cards, RFID proximity key tags, transponders can be registered and used (according to the licence)
  • Managing credits (e.g. one may enter 5 times when buying a pass with 5 entries)
  • Modification of moves, events, adding, refilling missing, forgotten moves (along with administrator’s rights, via password protected interface) even from remote computer via Internet. The data added manually is distinguished from automatic records, and this parameter cannot be deleted.