ProxerSafe Box 1-FN-0-E-P-H-UPS érintőképernyős kisméretű tárolószekrény, PIN-es nyitással


The ProxerSafe Mini cabinets may fulfil the same tasks as the KeySafe Lock, ProxerSafe Box or Combo cabinets, but in compact size with limited key plug and box number.
The cabinets, within the house’s size, can be extended with modules. Key plug modules and box modules can be combined. The cabinets have powder coated steel housing in RAL7035 colour, touchscreen-operated, built-in minicomputer, RFID reader, UPS and Ethernet interface. Both online and offline operation modes are available.
The ProxerSafe Mini cabinets are for keeping keys, key boxes, access cards, ID cards, smaller devices safe and manage them in a monitored, authorized way. Key holder plugs are identified uniquely using RFID technology, so they can be tracked and monitored one by one.
ProxerSafe Mini cabinets are perfect for office use, but in semi-outdoor design they can be used at apartment houses, hostels to hand over keys to guests with no receptionist present. (Cabinet opens with unique PIN.)


  • RFID (card, tag, NFC-enabled smartphone), PIN, optionally biometric identification
  • Access rights can be granted and revoked by keys, boxes and users, even remotely
  • Automatically locking, numbered key plugs; numbered boxes, access rights shown by leds
  • Uniquely identified key holder plugs (with RFID technology)
  • Logs: who opened which box, took and returned which key and when
  • Rights can be granted for a period of time.
  • Online-offline communication: cabinet can work in stand-alone operation mode via the built-in, touchscreen operated industrial computer and/or remotely with the help of the ProxerNet software or ProxerSafe Web Access. Checking logs and management are possible in either stand-alone or online mode, though at distinct degree.
  • Management software and interface are available in Swedish, Finnish, Arabic languages besides Hungarian and English. It can be translated into further languages.
  • Key reservation and key search function
  • Odometer data can be requested at car keys
  • Expandable by modules. A PSM cabinet can take three modules in arbitrary combination. The modules are: 8K (8 key plugs), 6S (6pcs S-sized box), 3M (3pcs M-sized box).
  • Powder-coated steel housing, indoor design in RAL7035 colour


  • Client’s existing RFID cards can be used, or Client’s reader can be integrated in to the cabinet (further checking needed).
  • Wi-Fi
  • Vandal-proof, crimpable keyring
  • For apartment houses and hostels with simple remote management with restricted functions
  • IP-videophone can be integrated
  • Text alert (SMS) on not returned keys, email notifications on movement data
  • Integration with alarm and fire alarm system
  • More cabinets can be integrated into one system
  • Outer door: metal or safety glass
  • Semi-outdoor design: under rain roof or in doorway, with heating and cooling, in galvanized, sealed implementation

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