ProxerSafe Smart PSS16- FF-E-G-UPS indoor safety key cabinet with touchscreen operated built-in computer

This product has been discontinued. Its data is still reachable on our site for support purposes. Please find its replacement product in Recommended products section below.

Brief description

The ProxerSafe system has been created to keep keys, devices, instruments or documents safe, and manage them in a supervised, authorized and online traceable way.

If the task is to keep keys safe, then the safety key cabinet is the best choice. The keyring plugs can hold smaller objects too, – laced on the keyring – like RF controllers, remote controls.
By default, the safety key cabinet identifies the person and the key as well. This way services based on the identification of the keys can be offered, like finding a key, booking a key, attachment of a key, alarm set for not returned keys, person cannot leave the building till returning the key, etc. The safety key cabinet with RFID key plugs is able to register the set of keys, and keep and register smaller objects latched on the keyring. The vandal-proof keyring prevents unauthorized access.

The ProxerSafe Smart is the more economic version of the KeySafe Lock safety key cabinets, an offline version, indoor design with galvanized steel, RAL7035 powder coated housing, with 8-72 key positions. (This version has 16 key plugs.)

It has touchscreen operated built-in PC, which ensures independent operation, uninterrupted offline operation even in case of network outage.


  • RFID proximity key holder plugs
  • Identifies key and person
  • Can be opened with RFID proximity card reader (optionally with fingerprint or PIN)
  • Offline operation
  • Touchscreen PC
  • Electromechanical bolt
  • Safety glass door
  • UPS
  • RAL7035 powder coated housing
  • Finding a key service
  • Logs and booking information can be checked on the touchscreen
  • With admin rights access rights can be added, modified via the touchscreen.
  • Logs can be checked via PC as well


  • Offline-online operation. With the KeySafe module of the ProxerNet software it can be connected to a network.
  • Vandal-proof keyrings
  • Stainless steel door (full) instead of the default safety glass door.
  • At identification name, and (at request) photo is shown on the screen