ProxerGate 4E Exclusive turnstile, drop arm version, indoor desgin

Brief description

The ProxerGate 4 an intelligent turnstile entry gate, which is suggested to control the entry of persons


  • Automatic motorized turnstile
  • Integrated access control systems, can be controlled by card reader
  • Can be connected to fire alarm system
  • Suitable for bidirectional movement monitoring
  • Allows strict entry
  • Anti-pass back function
  • High-gloss, chrome-nickeled corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing
  • Indoor (outdoor is optional)
  • Exclusive design
  • Transmissivity: approx. 40 persons / min

Technical Description

Dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 240 mm + arm
Power supply: 12V DC
Power consumption: 3W (200W peak)
Readable IDs (depending on the optional built-in reader):
o RFID proximity card
o Barcode
o Fingerprint
Weight: 51kg
Environmental temperature: -20 - + 45C
Relative humidity: max. 80%
Drawing Number: 0741


ProxerGate4 basic type. The ProxerGate4 turnstile become automatically free by fire signal. It does not make identifiying and does not ask the card, but everyone can pass through. Still automatically turns before approaching.
ProxerGate4E: drop arm version. The drop arm turnstile ProxerGate 4E become automatically free by fire signal, drops the arms and gives the green light.
ProxerGate4-EXT basic type, with IP65 protecting, outdoor enclosure
ProxerGate4E-EXT: arm dropping type, with IP65 protecting, outdoor enclosure


  • Crush barriers (high gloss, chrome-nickeled, curved-glass, etc) according to individual needs
  • It can be connected to fire alarm system
  • Gate control readers (RFID proximity, barcode, fingerprint readers)
  • CCS-1 card absorbing, can be built in, collection of guest cards, and gate opening
  • Alarm light / buzzer
  • remote control
  • The options of the entry:
  • o Date and time recording
  • o direction recording
  • o Personal Identification
  • o Access reason Recording
  • o Working time displaying (balance)
  • o Eligibility Test
  • o Event Recording
  • o tone message signal
  • o Sabotage-protection
  • o Remote maintenance
  • o Internet communication


Product Code: 180167