ProxerNet building management software - Worktime and Attendance module

Printing registration sheets, preparing statistics, reports, editing events, handling shifts, time zones and more


The ProxerNet is an advanced, modular, smart building management system, developed by Procontrol Ltd., for your company’s access control and visitor management, authority management, time and attendance management, parking lot management and pay parking, key and value storage system, Smart Building Automation Systems (BAS), HVAC control, Wellness Control, queue management and ticketing, Real Time Location System (RTLS), conference control and even production and workflow management.
Procontrol provides compatible data storage devices building the complex automation solution.

ProxerNet’s Worktime and Attendance Module is applicable for preparing registration sheets, statistics, reports, editing events, handling shifts of persons and groups, time zones and more.


  • Reports like attendance sheets, registration sheets, list of those present (evacuation list is an optional part of porter module), searches, fingerprint actions, logs on changing authorizations, rejections, etc.
  • Recording holidays, days off – setting, registering, counting holidays per employees, and displaying information on the registration sheet, including all days on leave, sick leaves for the whole calendar year
  • Balance calculations, monthly closures
  • The easy-to-use interface makes many kinds of flexible filtering, grouping possible; data in txt, csv and excel format can be exported.
  • Special work orders can be created, assigned to groups and persons.
  • Work schedule of persons and groups can be fixed according to the predetermined work orders. The arrangements can be modified when needed
  • With recommendation of MABISZ (Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies)


  • Using ProxerNet software and VRecNet video surveillance system together the entry and exit snapshots can be indexed. The camera at the entrance gate, when showing the access card, takes a picture of the employee. In the ProxerNet software clicking at the data record of the event the photo can be displayed. With this technology, users entering with someone else’s card can be filtered out.
  • Setting rights, authorizations for leadership
  • Setting rights, authorization for employees
  • To certain payroll programs the worktime data export is already available (like Nexon Bér, Maxoft Wisual Bér, Kulcs-soft Bér), and Procontrol keeps on working on data connections to other softwares, and takes in developing such data connections.
  • Own personnel and rented staff can also be in the worktime-attendance register, and they can be separated at payroll.
  • To follow-up changes in legislation Procontrol offers its support contract.
  • Handling physical access barriers and gates (barriers, turnstiles)
  • Handling highlighted time periods and displaying them in the summary of the time sheet.
  • Access rights for external partners (drivers, vendors, guests, cleaners) and follow-up their time spent inside the premise
  • Trainings on installing, launching the system and on updates
  • Operation may happen inside the own system or in cloud