ProxerNet Building Management Software - Visitor Management, Receptionist Module


The ProxerNet is an advanced, modular, smart building management system, developed by Procontrol Ltd., for your company’s access control and visitor management, authority management, time and attendance management, parking lot management and pay parking, key and value storage system, Smart Building Automation Systems (BAS), HVAC control, Wellness Control, queue management and ticketing, Real Time Location System (RTLS), conference control and even production and workflow management.
Procontrol provides compatible data storage devices building the complex automation solution.

With the ProxerNet Visitor management and Receptionist module you can issue visitor cards, register new visitors, sign in and out visitors. The module handles permanent visitor data, like name, company name, phone number, and the temporary data of the given visit, like whom the person visits, the reason of the visit, etc. Access rights can be set accordingly.
You may export the list of those present, which can serve as evacuation list as well.


  • Customized security system along with the access control system
  • Able to manage integrated system with already existing tools and devices
  • Extendable (according to licence)
  • Easy-to-use, flexible, multilingual user interface
  • MS SQL database
  • Remote management via Internet
  • Receives data from readers and defines access rights
  • Signs and records unauthorized access attempts
  • Immediate, real time data from all movements, events
  • Event follow up, requesting data by person or gate
  • Handling data of regular visitors, suppliers, like name, contact information, company name
  • Managing visitor cards – issuing, revoking, changing
  • Data export to PDF, HTML, XLS, TXT, CSV formats