ProxerNet Building Management Software - ProxerWeb module


The ProxerNet is an advanced, modular, smart building management system, developed by Procontrol Ltd., for your company’s access control and visitor management, authority management, time and attendance management, parking lot management and pay parking, key and value storage system, Smart Building Automation Systems (BAS), HVAC control, Wellness Control, queue management and ticketing, Real Time Location System (RTLS), conference control and even production and workflow management.
Procontrol provides compatible data storage devices building the complex automation solution.

In the ProxerWeb module employees may check their attendance register sheet via a Web interface, make modification suggestions, and add comments to their monthly attendance register.
Attendance sheet may be queried by a given period or an actual month. The modification plans can be approved by a supervisor or HR generalist.


  • Easy-to-use, flexible, multilingual user interface
  • MS SQL database
  • Remote management via Internet
  • Creating modification plans, which can be approved or rejected by an authorized person
  • Editing movement data via a Web interface
  • Arbitrary comment may be added to the given month. Authorized person approving modification suggestions may see such comments, among others
  • Window depicting real movement data can be revealed
  • Modification plans can be seen and revoked one by one at the “My modifications” tab
  • The modifications already handled are shown in the Result column with their status (rejected or approved). The date of handling and the person’s name who handled the plan are also shown.


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