ProxerBio 8-E-4b fingerprint identifier, access control terminal, indoor, Ethernet 1120-08_R4, proximity card

Fingerprint identifying, access control and attendance terminal, 4 function keys

Brief description

ProxerBio8 is a fingerprint identifier terminal with built-in RFID PROXIMITY card reader. It can store up to 2,000 fingerprints with 5 digit codes and reference numbers (in storing mode) in a non-volatile memory. Based on the stored fingerprints, the device recognizes and identifies persons, and transmits the related identification data to the central unit.
Depending on the required level of safety, the device can be configured to grant authorization based on the fingerprint or the proximity card or both.


  • Access control terminal with fingerprint identifier
  • Storing thousands of fingerprints
  • ONLINE/OFFLINE (operates also without PC)
  • Permission control
  • Built-in card reader
  • Door lock control

Technical attributes:

Size 138 mm x 90 mm x 48 mm
Interface Ethernet
Supply Voltage 12 V
Operating temperature 0 °C - +50 °C

Technical Description

Built-in RFID proximity reader
Built-in optical fingerprint reader
Offline/online operation mode
Possibility to build in GSM/GPRS modem
PoE power supply
Readable identification keys: 125kHz RFID proximity card / transponder
Intelligent ERM authorization control
Internet communication
Anti-sabotage protection
Door opening sensor
Door operation with Impulse lock
Aesthetic, exclusive design
Power supply via 12V DC adapter
Integrated real time clock with backup battery.
Number of storable fingerprints: 2,000
Relay contact or DC\DC converter for the magnetic lock
Dimensions: 138x90x48mm
Color: RAL 9002 (other colors available upon request)
indoor design


  • RS485/RS422 (max. 128 device)
  • Ethernet IEE802 (IP:
  • GSM-GPRS datamodem
  • ZigBee 2,4GHz
  • white or gray color

Product image