ProxerPort 3 Glass polished nickel chromium stainless steel swing gate (d=150 mm) with glass wing

Brief description

ProxerPort3 Glass is a swing door gate with access control designed for exclusive surroundings. Completed with finely arched barriers the gate allow you a safe control of people flow and meets high demands of interior design.
Revolving door access gate with 3 half-high glass wings, polished CrNi stainless steel, motor drive, proximity sensor.


  • Automatic proximity sensor motor driven turnstile
  • Enables an integration to access control systems, card reader control
  • Supervision for both direction flow
  • Three pcs 10 mm reinforced glass wings
  • High-gloss nickel corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing
  • Dimensions: See dimensional drawings
  • Throughput capacity of approx. 35 people / min
  • Interface: RS485, optional: RS422, RS232, Ethernet IEE802
  • Power supply: 12V DC
  • Power consumption: 3W (200W peak)
  • 2 built-in reader (optional)
  • Readable identifier keys (depending on the built-in reader):
  • RFID Proximity Card
  • Barcode
  • fingerprint Reader


  • QR kód olvasó beépítéséhez extra kapumagasítás

Product images

Technical drawings