TIBBO EM1000-512K-01 512KB programmable Ethernet module

Brief description

The EM1000 is a third-generation Tibbo Ethernet module built exclusively for use with TAIKO -- Tibbo's rapid programming solution that includes Tibbo BASIC language, Tibbo IDE software, and TiOS operating system.

The hardware of the EM1000 offers all necessary components to build a full-featured data collection/ control/ automation system equipped with serial ports, card reader inputs, digital I/O, keypad, LCD, buzzer, and real-time clock.


  • Compact: 38.4x28.4x5.5mm.
  • 88MHz purpose-built CPU.
  • One 100BaseT Ethernet port.
  • x4 high-speed TTL serial ports:
  • o Baudrates up to 1.8Mbps;
  • o Full- and half-duplex comms*;
  • o Support for Wiegand, clock/data i/f;
  • o Optional automatic flow control.
  • 512/1024K onboard flash disk.
  • Real-time clock with backup power**.
  • SPI port for connecting WA1000 Wi-Fi module.
  • x49 general-purpose I/O lines, x40 of them combined into five 8-bit ports
  • x4 status LED control lines.
  • Variable-frequency buzzer control pin.
  • Low-power (230mA@3.3V).
  • Internal firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network.
  • EM1000-SK Starter Kit available.

Technical attributes:

Ethernet Interface 10/100BaseT
Ethernet Magnetics -
Ethernet connector (RJ45) -
Serial Connection Features TTL; full-duplex (RS232/RS422), half-duplex (RS485) ; RX, TX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR; Baud: 150-921600bps;
Number of additional universal I/O Lines 49
Routing buffer size (bytes) Tibbo BASIC software
Average Power Consumption 230mA, 3,3V DC
Device temperature during operation 25 °C
Dimensions (mm) 38,4 mm x 28,4 mm x 5,5 mm
Serial Port 4 x UART, Wiegand, clock/data
Number of I/O lines 49
Max. load current for each I/O line 10 mA
Flash memory 512 KB
EEPROM memory 2040 B
Supported network protocols UDP, TCP, ICMP (ping), and HTTP (Others -> Tibbo BASIC)
Number of simultaneous UDP or TCP (HTTP) connections 16
Nominal power supply voltage 3,3 V
Max. operating current 230 mA
Max operating relative humidity 90 %
Serial-over-IP +
Programmable +
Power supply range -
Operating temperature -20°C - 70°C
Additional peripherals RTC, flash disk, SPI port, buzzer control


Típus jelek:
"EMJ": beépített RJ45 csatlakozóval
"512": 512Kbyte flash
"256B" vagy "512B"- nem csupán flash memóriát, de backup capacitort is tartalmaz az órához
"-Z": ZigBee interfész
"-W": WiFi(802.11b) interfész


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