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DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System

Brief description

The DAQ-9600 data acquisition system is a modularized data acquisition system with high flexibility and higher performance. The mainframe is equipped with 3 module slots and a built-in precision 6 1/2 digital DMM is the core of its test and measurement. 5 modules are available to meet different measurement needs. For the research and development of analyzing product characteristics or the production and manufacturing of system testing or fault diagnosis, a data acquisition system with flexibility and high performance can effectively fulfill different measurement requirements by expansion and change that make the overall test simpler, faster and more reliable.
The modular structure of the DAQ-9600 provides 3 module slots and 5 optional modules, including general-purpose modules (DAQ-900/ DAQ-901), multi-function module (DAQ-903 ), matrix module (DAQ-904) and high-voltage and high-current module (DAQ-909). Users can combine and match arbitrarily according to the measurement needs.


  • Large 4.3”TFT color display
  • 3-slot mainframe with built-in 6 1 digit DMM
  • Basic 0.0035% DCV accuracy
  • 5 selectable switch modules
  • Up to 450 channels/s scan rate
  • Up to 100 kilo points internal memory
  • Measures and converts 14 different input signals:
  • Temperature with thermocouple, RTDs and thermistor; dc/ac volts; 2- and 4-wire resistance; frequency and period; dc/ac current and capacitance; direct strain and bridge strain
  • Commands compatible with the Keysight DAQ970A
  • USB storage supports copy/log data in standalone operation
  • Interfaces: Digit I/O, LAN, USB host/device and mini GPIB(optional)
  • Free PC software DAQ-Data logger, allows easy configuration and control of tests

Technical Description

The DAQ-9600 features a 4.3-inch graphic color display and concise function key design, allowing users to quickly and easily configure module channels in an intuitive way. Measurement data is presented in different formats, such as numerical values, bar graphs, trend graph and histogram to quickly check the measurement results. At the same time, the DAQ-9600 can convert 14 input signals, including temperature (RTD/thermocouple/thermistor), voltage (AC/DC), current (AC/DC), resistance (two-wire/four-wire), Strain (direct/bridge), frequency/period, and capacitance. The built-in 6 1/2 digital DMM provides basic accuracy of 0.0035% DC voltage, 0.05% AC voltage, and 0.01% resistance within a one-year calibration cycle.
The DAQ-9600 supports measurement data storage, and the acquired data can be stored in the internal memory or directly recorded to a USB flash drive without connecting to a PC. For remote setting and control of data logging applications, the DAQ-9600 is equipped with LAN, RS232C, USB and GPIB (optional), and provides free DAQ-Data Logger software to simplify data collection and analysis, allowing users to easily collect data. In addition, the LAN interface can be used to configure measurements, define and execute scan lists through common web browsers (such as Chrome, IE). Users can monitor the measurement results no matter where they are as long as they are connected to the Internet.


DAQ-9600 can be ordered with the combination of the following modules:

DAQ-900 20-Channel Universal Multiplexer (Solid State Relay)
DAQ-901 20 2 Channels Universal Multiplexer (Armature Relay)
DAQ-903 40-Channel Single-Ended Multiplexer
DAQ-904 4 x 8 2-Wire Matrix
DAQ-909 8 2 Channels High Voltage High Current Multiplexer


  • Customized configuration for changing needs: The DAQ-9600 provides 3 module slots, and all of which can be used to install and control selected modules. 5 different modules are available to meet different measurement needs. These modules include general-purpose modules, multi-function modules, matrix module and high-voltage and high-current module. Users can choose, mix and match these modules to obtain the functions as required.
  • Precise test and measurement: The test and measurement core of the DAQ-9600 is a 6 1/2-digit DMM, which has the functions and performance of an industrial-grade DMM. It can measure and convert 14 different input signals.
  • Built-in signal conditioning: Transducer plays an important role in the application of data acquisition system, converting physical quantities into electronic signals, such as temperature measurement (temperature to voltage), and pressure and strain measurement (resistance to voltage).
  • Internal memory and USB storage: The DAQ-9600 can store the measurement results without connecting to a PC with the non-volatile memory capacity of 100k readings.
  • Simplify data collection and analysis: The DAQ-9600 provides RS-232C, LAN, USB and GPIB (optional) to meet the most suitable and customary remote control interface requirements.


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