GWInstek ASR-6450 Többfázisú programozható AC/DC

ASR-6450, ASR-6600 Multi-phase Programmable AC/DC Power Source

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The ASR-6000 series consists of two remarkable models: the ASR-6450 AC/DC 4.5kVA and the ASR-6600 AC/DC 6kVA. These models represent a significant milestone for GW Instek as the first standalone units that support both AC single/three-phase input and output, coupled with a rated DC power output. Utilizing third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) technology, the series achieves a remarkable 4U 6kVA high power density and high-performance AC/DC power source. With the ability to emulate diverse power environment changes, such as balanced and unbalanced three-phase scenarios, phase failure, and multi-channel output in three-phase mode, the ASR-6000 series offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality.

A key distinction between the ASR-3000- and ASR-6000-series lies in their power capacities. The ASR-3000 is optimized for applications up to 4kVA, while the ASR-6000 extends its capabilities to handle power demands up to 6kVA-18kVA (36kVA tba in Q3), making it an ideal testing solution for high-power server power modules with CRPS redundant functions.

Customers requiring AC single-phase or three-phase output functionality of 4kVA and above will find the ASR-6000 as a powerful standalone unit capable of providing comprehensive three-phase power supply. This simplifies the testing setup and significantly enhances the efficiency of high-power server power supply testing; specifically tailored for high-power AI servers.


  • Adopts third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) technology to create a 4U 6kVA high-performance AC/DC power source with high power density
  • AC input supports single-phase and three-phase, phase voltage 200V to 240V±10% (Delta or Y connection)
  • 10 output modes: including external input signal frequency and mains synchronization (SYNC), external voltage controlled internal amplifier output (VCA)
  • Multi-channel output function
  • Supports 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P4W output
  • AC maximum output phase voltage: 350Vrms line voltage: 700Vrms
  • AC balanced and unbalanced three-phase, phase loss output functions
  • Programmable output impedance adjustment
  • Dual-channel voltage/current output monitoring function
  • Voltage output rise time can be adjusted in three ranges
  • Supports sequence editing and emulation output mode
  • Powerful arbitrary waveform editing and output function, capable of editing and outputting tens of thousands of waveforms
  • Advanced web server control to support data acquisition function
  • 100th order harmonic measurement function
  • Supports external parallel connection to increase output power
  • Standard interfaces: RS-232C, USB, LAN
  • Optional interfaces: CAN Bus, DeviceNet, GPIB

Package contains

  • QuickStart Guide
  • Safety guide
  • Input terminal cover
  • Output terminal cover
  • Copper plate for delta connection input (Mark 1)
  • Copper plate for single phase and Y connection input (Mark 2)
  • Copper plate for delta connection input (Mark 3)
  • Copper plate for 1P output (Mark 4)
  • GRA-451-E Rack mount adapter (EIA)
  • USB cable (USB 2.0 Type A - Type B cable, approx. 1.2M


ASR-6450 4.5kVA High-Performance AC/DC Power Supply,
ASR-6600 6kVA High-Performance AC/DC Power Supply


  • ASR-003 GPIB interface card
  • ASR-004 DeviceNet interface card
  • ASR-005 CAN BUS interface card
  • ASR-006 External parallel cable
  • GRA-451-E Rack mount adapter (EIA)
  • GRA-451-J Rack mount adapter (JIS)
  • GPW-008 6RV3 power cord
  • GPW-009 6RVV3 power cord
  • GPW-010 6RVT3 power cord
  • GPW-011 6RV5 UL power cord
  • GPW-012 6RVV5 VDE power cord
  • GPW-013 6RVT5 PSE power cord
  • GPW-014 6RV4 UL power cord
  • GPW-015 6RVV4 VDE power cord
  • GPW-016 6RVT4 PSE power cord

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