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ProxerSafe® Box - intelligent charger cabinets

Using ProxerSafe Box not only the safe keeping of the mobile devices is covered but also they can be charged while stored. The solution provided by ProxerSafe Box does not require constant human presence, while access rights can be granted or revoked remotely in real time.

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Web software available for KeySafe Lock® intelligent key cabinets

Manage your keys from your smartphone! KeySafe Lock - intelligent, safety key cabinet, with RFID-NFC or biometric identification. The KeySafe Lock is an intelligent safety key cabinet, which can be opened only by personal RFID proximity transponder, or by fingerprint identification, optionally. The cabinet is able to run independently through its touchscreen operated embedded industrial computer. A cabinet connected to network can be controlled remotely, setting who is allowed to take which keys, when and for how long.

Procontrol’s wireless fire alarm system obtained TÜV Certification

The radio fire alarm system developed by Procontrol Electronics Ltd. containing the 1121 WDB wireless smoke detector electronics, 1124 WS wireless sounder, 1124 WIO wireless I/O module and the 1122 WMC wireless manual call point has successfully acquired the product certification. The “constancy of performance” and the “factory production control” audits were performed by the TÜV InterCert Ltd. in 2015.  Distributor of the complete fire alarm system is the Pentolt Ltd. Details on the complete system are available at

ProxerSafe-WR6 Wall-mounted Weapons Rack for H&K MP5 Submachine Guns

 Secure storage of MP5 weapons The ProxerSafe-WR modular weapons storage system has been designed for storing police weapons, especially MP5 and similar types. (ProxerSafe-WR6 contains 6 units.) It has stable, modular steel frames with components to accommodate the weapons and sensors for a secure access control system. This open system can be mounted on wall, installed in Universal Weapons Rack or on a cart. Components ensure that weapons can be stored with optics for quick and easy deployment. The cabinet can be used only with personalized RFID proximity tags or/and PIN code, optionally fingerprint authorization. Each weapon lock has a unique identifier that allows identification and monitoring of events. The software logs when a lock is opened, and by whom. Authority can be given and withdrawn by locks. Without such right, the rack does not let the person open any lock.

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The KeySafe® and ProxerSafe® key- and value storage system

The KeySafe and ProxerSafe system is an intelligent key management and storage system, which is for safekeeping, automated management of keys of buildings, cars and other valuables. The system combines key cabinets, cabinets with storage boxes, compartments and the management software.     The KeySafe® is a smart key cabinet, which allows a high safety key management with personal proximity card, PIN code, NFC or optional biometric identification. The cabinet locks each key one by one in the slots and lets noone to take any key, unless the person is authorized. The cabinet can be managed via its touchscreen or from a remote computer; key traffic can be monitored and logs checked. It can be integrated into a building management system as well.