ProxerPort1 manual swivel barrier gate high-gloss chrome-plated steel. Manual opening, locked with remoteable magnet, 1100mm passage width for disabled access

Swivel barrier gate

Brief description

The ProxerPort1 is a bidirectional manual gate for person access control.
The main steel column is the vital part of the system, containing all the mechanical and electrical components. The ProxerPort1 can be used independently or in combination with other entrance gates. As it allows bi-directional passage, it always opens in the direction of crossing.


  • Small-sized,unified,easy to install model, providing great freedom of choice for architects and designers
  • Chrome-nickel,high-grade steel frame with polished finish
  • Manual operation
  • Two direction control
  • CE approved, quality product
  • Designed and manufactured in Hungary


  • One-way useability
  • Lock system: remote controlled 12V flat adhesive lock
  • Unique building options to meet customer needs
  • Spring-kickback


  • Talpas kasszazár

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Product Code: 180094