IPThermo Intelligent climate controller via internet  - Hungarian Product

The uninterrupted climate control of server rooms is extremely important, because the expensive equipments and instruments used need the optimal temperature and humidity. In case of water detection the prompt reaction and intervention is neccessary. The IPThermo system supervises the threshold limits, and in case of exceeding the limit, alarms via E-mail or SMS, while records the measured values centrally.




• Web remote access, IP-based smart metering system
• Automatic centralized measurement
• Measured values are central automated monitoring, logging, graphing
• Temperature, humidity, air pressure, air velocity, voltage measurement, water detection etc. sensors are available
• Reliable monitoring
• Measured values are published on a web page
• Limit monitoring, E-mail / SMS / PC Alarm
• Intervention with relay control, power-authorization
• Status and system error alarm - Watchdog function
• Off-line, Stand-alone and/or online operation without PC
• Calibration with standard thermometer accredited by the National Accreditation Board
• Validatable software
• Depending on the model, Telnet, Web, http, TCP port, SNMP protocol, PDD, UDP port is available for easy system integration


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T-05-LD indoor thermometer

- 141455 Procontrol 24 900 Ft+vat In stock
T-05A-LD thermometer, outdoor design

  140904 Procontrol 49 900 Ft+vat In stock
TH-05-LD thermometer and humidity sensor

  180817 Procontrol 34 900 Ft+vat In stock
TH-05-LD hőmérő és páratartalom mérő szenzor, SHT21, 12V, 0817-03_R9

- 181907 Procontrol 34 900 Ft+vat In stock
TH-05A-LD thermometer and humidity sensor, outdoor design

  181807 Procontrol 54 900 Ft+vat In stock
THP-05-LD thermometer and humidity sensor and barometer

  181817 Procontrol 45 900 Ft+vat Orderable
THP-05A-LD thermometer and humidity sensor, outdoor design

  181808 Procontrol 69 900 Ft+vat Orderable
AV-05 Air velocity (wind) sensor

  181701 Procontrol 83 900 Ft+vat Orderable
ACS-01-LD voltmeter

- 140326 Procontrol 24 000 Ft+vat In stock
WS-01-LD-1Relay flood sensor with relay output, 12-24V power in

- 141059 Procontrol 38 900 Ft+vat In stock
WS-01-LD-4 flood sensor with RS485 output, 12-24V power in

- 141058 Procontrol 31 000 Ft+vat In stock
T-PT100 mérőelem illesztő RS485 0817-03_R9

  181908 Procontrol 17 800 Ft+vat In stock
Füstérzékelő Satel TSD1

- 870161 - 9 350 Ft+vat In stock