ProxerSafe® Box - intelligent charger cabinets

At certain workplaces, in factories, institutions  or even at festivals employees or visitors must be granted a central and guarded place to store their mobile devices, smart phones and other valuables. The solution provided by ProxerSafe Box does not require constant human presence, while access rights can be granted or revoked remotely in real time.



Using ProxerSafe Box not only the safe keeping of the mobile devices is covered but also they can be charged while stored.


The solution is also suggested for museums, art galleries and exhibition halls. The visitors can collect the audio guides or tablets from the ProxerSafe Box  for a given period of time if certain conditions were met ( ticket type, payment).


The Procontrol Electronics Ltd. offers a wide range of intelligent and professional mobile device storage, charger and management systems; Clients can choose the most suitable built-up for their purposes.

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ProxerSafe Box intelligent charger, value storage cabinet with boxes, PSB-60-G - 100743 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Box PSB-56BXL-6B2XL-RB-PR-Bio-HF-BG-A key and value storage cabinet with chargers and alcotester - 107256 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Box Rack 8S - intelligent value storage cabinet with 8 S-sized boxes - 107214 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe Box Rack PSBR-12-M Rack module with 12 boxes (W118xH83xD250) with separate doors - 100722 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable
ProxerSafe-KeySafe Security DEMO cabinet with key holder plugs and distinct sized drawers and boxes - 141889 Procontrol Request an Offer Orderable