ProxerSafe® Weapon Rack weapon rack with RF identification (PS-WR)

Rifle Storage system


The WR6 modular weapons storage system has been designed for rifles, especially for military, police and armed forces types. It has stable, modular steel frames with components to accommodate the weapons and sensors for a secure access control system. One ProxerSafe-WR6 contains six units that can be connected several times together to build a scalable system.

This open system can be mounted on wall, installed in Universal Weapons Rack or on a cart. Components ensure that weapons can be stored with optics for quick and easy deployment. Every slot is equipped with a presence sensor, an electronic cuff lock that keeps the weapons individually safe.

All the weapons are identified by RFID tag and the system keeps track of the weapon usage down to a user and access time level. The system contains one or more embedded computers with built-in UPS and backup battery that ensures operation also in a power outage situation.

A connected and controlled box cabinet can be used to separately store magazines.

The system is tamper proof and various alarm possibilities are available based on triggered events.


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