Tibbo DS100R External Device Server

Brief description

The DS100 is a Serial Device Server for external use. Device hardware includes one
10BaseT Ethernet port, one serial port and an internal processor that "glues"
network and serial sides together. Internally, the DS100 is based on the
EM100 Ethernet Module.
The DS100 is supplied in two modifications:
· DS100R with RS232 serial port.
· DS100B with universal RS232/422/485 serial port.
From the hardware standpoint, the DS100 can be viewed as a universal platform
suitable for running a variety of network and serial communications-related
applications. It is the application firmware, not the hardware that gives the DS100
most of its functionality. The firmware is currently in its 3rd generation ("Release3").
The application firmware of the DS100 can be upgraded through the device's serial
port or Ethernet port. Serial upgrades are facilitated by a so-called Monitor- a fixed

Technical attributes:

Ethernet Interface 10BaseT
Serial Connection Features 150-115200bps; RX, TX, RTS
Routing buffer size (bytes) 510kBx2
Dimensions (mm) 95 mm x 57 mm x 30 mm
Serial Port 1 x RS232
Nominal power supply voltage 12 V
Serial-over-IP +
Programmable -
Power supply range -


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